Another week passes by and spring has now arrived. Creatively I have worked on the dreamy hexagon quilt making  border number four. I strip pieced carefully and really happy with the outcome.

                                 dreamy hexagons                                             detail

design wall                                              detail

Now to join them and add to the centre panel and then one more border left , and all cut ready to go. I also cut out a quilt ready for the next one but I ned to start the red and white quilt challenge for the NSW Quilters Guild. I have a plan and a twist on a traditional quilted. Also working on the top down Swan’s Island sweater as well.

One thing grabbed my attention this week, and that was a word, Selah, 


It’s one of those words that is allegedly difficult to translate from the hebrew but it seems to be translated as:

“stop and listen”

“pause, and think of that”

“stop and listen”

“pause and breathe”

There is a great expansion of the last one by Richard Rohr, however i think my copy has been lent out so will need to find it, Rob Bell follows a similar thread with  Nooma 14 “Breathe”. I will let the video say it all…

Pause, breathe, be present…

(the link should open)

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