Lest we forget…



Remembrance Sunday, rosemary here in Australia, for remembrance but also as it grew onto cliffs around Gallipoli , but poppies are here too, but often difficult to find and each year I try and find one, ‘wear your poppy with pride’ as the strap line goes. I do not see it as a glorification of war but as a tribute to those who gave the ultimate sacrifice that we would have freedom.  I still remember the last post played at the Royal Albert Hall and the sea of poppies that rain down. I am not sure why as a child that image made such an impact. As far as I know our family lost nobody in service but still there was something that made its mark. I can never listen to the last post without welling up. However there always seems a hope, the end of a day


And another two poems to link to the previous post, both have an impact in different ways




I think that is all for this post. Seems wrong to add any thing else, another post for that.