Another week passes by and spring has now arrived. Creatively I have worked on the dreamy hexagon quilt making  border number four. I strip pieced carefully and really happy with the outcome.

                                 dreamy hexagons                                             detail

design wall                                              detail

Now to join them and add to the centre panel and then one more border left , and all cut ready to go. I also cut out a quilt ready for the next one but I ned to start the red and white quilt challenge for the NSW Quilters Guild. I have a plan and a twist on a traditional quilted. Also working on the top down Swan’s Island sweater as well.

One thing grabbed my attention this week, and that was a word, Selah, 


It’s one of those words that is allegedly difficult to translate from the hebrew but it seems to be translated as:

“stop and listen”

“pause, and think of that”

“stop and listen”

“pause and breathe”

There is a great expansion of the last one by Richard Rohr, however i think my copy has been lent out so will need to find it, Rob Bell follows a similar thread with  Nooma 14 “Breathe”. I will let the video say it all…

Pause, breathe, be present…

(the link should open)

Being present

Spring returned today having made a show 2 weeks ago and then hiding behind the clouds and rain. It was good to get out and enjoy the  sun, the sound of the sea and the smell of the sea and salt. Having had a couple of days in Melbourne and with a pretty tight schedule as well as some interesting challenges leading up to  the meetings it was good to stop this weekend and amid the domesticity find some time to create.  I wanted to sew and something I could complete in a day. the perfect project – Mega Churn Dash from Kathy Doughty of Material Obsession . You can see a clip from Kathy, recorded for Creativebug ( a crafting creative web site with loads of classes) here. I have had the fabric for this for a while and its part of the Parson Gray fabric line in a decorator weight. The pattern is in Kathy’s Adding Layers book

centring down

The quilt is about 80″ square. In Kathy’s quilt the centre is the same white/neutral  but I wanted a focus – a centre to draw the eye in. the quilt will be buond in the same orange colourway.

I had to hang it outside to get a good picture – good job the sun was shining






I think it turned out well and was very therapeutic. I want to try and find a woollen blanket form Salvos for the wadding as I want to have minimal quilting and its big to do a lot of detailed machine quilting with my machine. but was thinking just stripes if I cannot get a blanket. I will probably put a border on the quilt of the dark fabric.


I have used the Parson fray on my curious circles quilt that I put into the NSW quilters guild show, which I hand quilted

Curious circles      curious circles - detail        Curious circle - hand quilted


One of the best things about the week was the Father’s day gift from my son, Peter. It has to be one of the best gifts. It is a coffee filter – A Chemex filter.


Well I was not convinced how this would make a good coffee and images of drip coffee form student days. Well,  I am sold. It has great filter papers that you have to fold and then after you add your coffee you have pour over your water.

There are a couple of things that I think are great – the flavour to start with , it is really smooth and not bitter (just like it says! – a product that lives up to its claims, truly amazing) and the look is amazing – perfect for my den/studio. Love the aesthetics of it, the glass, wood and leather are amazing but the best thing is that in order to make the coffee you actually have to be present.

You have to stop, there has to be an intention to make the coffee, no turn it on , walk away and  come back. there is a process and it required you to be fully present, and I love it.

To stop, be fully present in the moment and really no distractions is becoming part of my daily routine, and now is part of making coffee. Great.

Part of ‘We Make the Road’ this week focussed on seeing the meaning in the world around us, being present and seeking a a new logos or logic, and challenge the logic/logos of the world around us, and see the logos  in the life of Christ, in love. To find a new centre.

To quote Brian McLaren:

     So here we are, alive and paying attention. we discern patterns in life. We interpret those patterns and we open ourselves to the possibility of a creative logos of love, and wisdom runs thorough the Universe like a current and can play in our lives like a song

So things come together. a centre, being present, and finding the pattern and meaning.

Let’s start again

Lets start again….big bang

Yes it’s actually almost a year since I put up my first , and only post. Well good intentions at least but then a new job came along that is based in Melbourne so time shrank however it is time to start again.

Looking for a new book to read I tripped over the latest Brian McLaren book, “We Make the Road by Walking” and it seemed like a good idea…



You can click here or on the book  above to read more. It is designed to be read over 52 weeks and is divided into 4 sections that run along side the liturgical year and it starts at the beginning of September – perfect and a coincidence? There are weekly readings and then a It is also designed to be read and chewed over in a group setting, a faith community but it can be done alone but it would be great to have discussions with someone out there, and maybe a virtual faith community!

But heh, I’ll kick off. Appropriately it starts with the creation story (pertinent since a recent family debate centred on the evolution debate…)and being alive in that creation. What stuck a chord was the line, ‘So God created man in his own image, in the image of God he created him” (Genesis 1:27). This strikes a deep chord, I realised an age ago that I was created in the image of a creator and as such I created to create and if I am not then I am restless, a deep restlessness that is actually difficult to put into words, and so I create. My song. That which makes me come alive.

And so as I walkthrough this year and wander through the book I will endeavour to blog the journey and share the creative journey.

So this year has seen things made and i will post some of them here. One creative highlight was a workshop the Kathy at Material Obsession held and hosted Kaffe Fassett and Brandon Mably. It was a great day and I learnt  a lot. We started on Kaffe’s big bang quilt. in our own colour ways. I started thinking yellow but then it emerged into yellows, blues and greens. I love it, but I’m biased!

So it was a good day and the cutting and sewing  fit in with other projects including the knitting.

I will post some of those projects in the next few days and weeks as well as what is being worked out as I read and reflect

And one last creation – stars flung into space.

the milky way over Samoa taken on my canon G16